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Colortec Patterning Technology

Colortec Patterning Technology

Colortec provides the ultimate in tufting patterning technology (full width repeat) by integrating Cobble`s well established techniques of individual needle control ( ICN ) , sliding needle bar ( SNB ) and intermittent cloth feed. This unique combination enables sideways filling of each row with any permutation of up to 6 colours, before indexing forward on to the next tuft row. Servo technology of the needlebar head together with the provision of computer controlled stitch selection provides complex pattern designs, which can be changed rapidly at the through the simplicity of the Cobble TMUI ( Tufting Machine User Interface) Electronic Control Panel.

The Colortec is available in 2m, 3m, 4m and 5m widths and in gauges of 1/7” and 5/32” pitch.

The gauges available on Colortec, in combination with computerised yarn placement technology, equips it to fulfil the diverse design requirements of the hospitality and commercial speciality market in addition to separate sectors covering rugs and logo mats.

Additional Features

  • Cast iron machine frame with integral cross members for maximum rigidity
  • Resistive braking system
  • Continuous oil feed
  • CE Compliance
  • Emergency stop button, pull wires
  • Safety interlocking guarding
  • Bedplate lighting
  • Needle stop at top
  • Full machine documentation
  • Tool box and commissioning spare parts
  • Touch screen control panel with machine parameter displays
  • Multi-function machine control pendant
  • Electronic needle bar guarding and Omron light curtains
  • Bedplate dial gauge
  • Variable, scaled needlestroke looper/hook/knife eccentrics
  • Fully adjustable needlestrokes for quick quality changes


Machine Width: 2-3-4-5 meters

Machine Gauge: 1/7” or 5/32”

Machine Pile Height: up to 16mm

Machine Speed: 450 – 500rpm*

Main Features

  • Servo sliding needle bar
  • Servo intermittent cloth feed
  • Full width pattern repeat
  • 6 colour tufting

Machine Options

If high pile rugs required a 22mm pile can be accommodated as an option

Suitable Markets

Multi-coloured, patterned cut pile for

  • Contract
  • Hospitality
  • Rugs
  • Logo Mats