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Level Cut Loop

Level Cut Loop

Cobble provide an addition to the carpet designer’s repertoire with the development of the 'LCL' ( Level Cut Loop ) tufting machine. The difference in yarn texture and light refraction between cut and loop pile facilitates patterns of considerable subtlety and definition. Indeed it is possible to tuft designs where single stitches of either cut or loop are placed within the pattern. Design potential can be further enhanced when LCL is used in conjunction with Sliding Needlebar or Full Repeat Scroll pattern attachments.

The LCL uses a hook-clevis combination that is simple and reliable in operation. The change from cut pile to loop pile is controlled by the position of the hook clevis and not by changes in yarn feed tension alone and this assists in the provision of patterns with minute detail.

Whilst the LCL is primarily used to service the contract market it can be adapted to play a role in the residential market and also the rug/mat sector when used in conjunction with the Full Repeat Scroll.

Full repeat patterning is available across the machine sewing width, which is available in 4m and 5m with the gauges 1/10 and 1/8 being the most popular.

Additional Features

  • Cast iron machine frame with integral cross members for maximum rigidity
  • Resistive braking system
  • Continuous oil feed
  • CE Compliance
  • Emergency stop button, pull wires
  • Safety interlocking guarding
  • Bedplate lighting
  • Needle stop at top
  • Full machine documentation
  • Tool box and commissioning spare parts
  • Touch screen control panel with machine parameter displays
  • Multi-function machine control pendant
  • Electronic needle bar guarding and Omron light curtains
  • Bedplate dial gauge
  • Variable, scaled needlestroke looper/hook/knife eccentrics
  • Fully adjustable needlestrokes for quick quality changes


Machine Width: 2-3-4-5 meters

Machine Gauge: 1/8” or 1/10”

Machine Pile Height: 3mm – 10mm

Machine Speed: up to 900spm*

Main Features

  • Full width repeat capability
  • Ability for fast change from cut pile to loop pile (1 stitch)
  • Control over each individual yarn end

Machine Options

  • Servo sliding needle bar
  • FRS option to produce 2 lower levels of loop
  • Multi-roll pattern attachment option

Suitable Markets

Level cut and loop products for residential and contract sectors