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Multi Roll Attachment

Multi Roll Attachment

Cobble have continued to innovate by drawing on their knowledge of patterning attachments to create the most advanced multi roll attachment, utilising servo control for individual pairs of rollers.

The pattern attachment works on the principle of buried end technique together with numerous pile heights, varying thread up sequences, yarn feed rates and servo combinations which provide a multitude of geometric patterning possibilities across the full or partial width of the machine. The standard Multi roll and its patterning capability can be further enhanced by the ability to offer dual sided multi-roll, with or without Sliding needle bars.

Rapid pattern changeovers benefit from the easy removal of snap fit lightweight sectional rollers minimising both downtime when changing patterns and full or partial thread ups across the machine. These small lightweight quicker reacting rollers add to the clarity and precision/definition of the pattern which is intensified due to the minimised distance of the needles to the top of the pattern attachment.

The machine combinations range from 2 roll to 8 rolls single sided or double sided if required, whilst gauges range from 1/10 upwards, in either loop/loop or cut/loop styles of carpet. When the above features are combined with an industry acclaimed high speed of 1400 stitches per minute the Cobble Multi Roll Attachment is certainly a machine to be considered.

Additional Features

  • Cast iron machine frame with integral cross members for maximum rigidity
  • Resistive braking system
  • Continuous oil feed
  • CE Compliance
  • Emergency stop button, pull wires
  • Safety interlocking guarding
  • Bedplate lighting
  • Needle stop at top
  • Full machine documentation
  • Tool box and commissioning spare parts
  • Touch screen control panel with machine parameter displays
  • Multi-function machine control pendant
  • Electronic needle bar guarding and Omron light curtains
  • Bedplate dial gauge
  • Variable, scaled needlestroke looper/hook/knife eccentrics
  • Fully adjustable needlestrokes for quick quality changes


Machine Width: 2-3-4-5 meters
Machine Gauge: 5/32, 1/8 or 1/10 other gauges available on request
Machine Pile Height: 3mm – 16mm*
Machine Speed: up to 1400spm*

Main Features

  • Multiple pile heights
  • Produces small geometric designs / repeats with structured loop design effects

Machine Options

  • Single sided up to 8 rolls
  • Double sided unit multi-roll each side, or multi-roll one side, plain yard feed the other
  • Servo sliding needle bar, single or double

Suitable Markets

Multi-height loop pile products for residential and hospitality sectors