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ST Series

ST Series

Cobble has an unrivalled combination of product features in the tufting market with the established and popular ST Series machine. The ST fulfils a unique blend of frame rigidity, high speed and versatility. The fully cast frame providing the ideal basis for high speed operation aided by integral bedplate crossmembers which minimise horizontal vibration during operation. The bedplate stiffness provides use of a single, open centre leg so that gauge part access is not impaired.

User benefits of the ST include rapid and accurate setting facilities, the ST is a machine to suit all gauges and a range of compatible pattern attachments to expand design possibilities whilst maintaining up to speeds of 1300RPM.

Due to it's flexibility and versatility, the ST series is used as a choice base product for many of Cobble Van De Wiele`s pattern attachments and also as the base for our highly acclaimed Artificial Grass Tufter due to its rigid and robust build.

Additional Features

  • Cast iron machine frame with integral cross members for maximum rigidity
  • Resistive braking system
  • Continuous oil feed
  • CE Compliance
  • Emergency stop button, pull wires
  • Safety interlocking guarding
  • Bedplate lighting
  • Needle stop at top
  • Full machine documentation
  • Tool box and commissioning spare parts
  • Touch screen control panel with machine parameter displays
  • Multi-function machine control pendant
  • Electronic needle bar guarding and Omron light curtains
  • Bedplate dial gauge
  • Variable, scaled needlestroke looper/hook/knife eccentrics
  • Fully adjustable needlestrokes for quick quality changes


Machine Width: 2-3-4-5 meters

Machine Gauge: All gauges

Machine Pile Height: 3mm – 70mm+*

Machine Speed: up to 1300spm*

Main Features

  • Strong rigid frame; low vibration
  • Highly flexible, suited to all cobble pattern attachments
  • Used for artificial grass tufting
  • Quick machine quality changes

Machine Options

  • Sliding needle bar
  • Jutemover
  • Variety of yarn feeds available as single or double sided
  • Variety of gauge part configurations
  • All cobble pattern attachments

Suitable Markets

As this machine is used as a base for many attachments, all sectors / markets are catered for depending on the attachment/ or not chosen