Tufting Gauge Parts

Cobble Van de Wiele apply unrivalled knowledge of the Tufting process to be at the forefront of gauge part innovation and development.

A wide range of products are available, with most items available from stock or with short lead times. The diverse Cobble Van De Wiele range covers all Tufting applications and production scales.

Modular Products include Hook, Looper, Needle & Reed in None Locator, 2 Peg Location & Tab Location systems.

There is also a selection of knife types and knife systems to choose from, as well as a comprehensive range of conventional single components.

Hooks are available in Steel, Tungsten, Tungsten Insert or Tungsten Patch.

In addition to the standard range, Cobble Van De Wiele apply a flexible approach working closely with customers to produce special or bespoke solutions when required.

For further information and sales enquiries contact: +44 (0) 1254 55121

or email: info@cobble.co.uk

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