Cobble Takes Another Step Towards World Class

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A major investment in new manufacturing and inspection equipment is improving our consistency and product quality.

With the first phase of a major investment programme in our manufacturing and inspection capability complete, our Blackburn site has taken its latest step to becoming a world class centre of excellence for the production of gauge parts.

The consistency and quality of gauge parts not only plays a major role in determining the quality of the finished tufted product. It can also affect the life of the gauge parts and sometimes even yarn consumption. Ensuring all gauge parts are manufactured within the same tight tolerances is key to getting the most out of your tufting machine.

To achieve greater consistency, we decided to finish machine a complete hook in one manufacturing step. This vastly reduces manufacturing inconsistences and makes the first hook out of the batch identical to all the others in the same batch or even subsequent batches. The automated inspection system measures the hooks as they are being manufactured and automatically makes minor changes during the production run so that no parts are made outside of tolerance.

“This multimillion pound investment phase is the first of many in the Blackburn site and shows the commitment of the Van de Wiele group to turn Cobble into a centre of excellence for gauge part manufacturing” said Jason Kent, Managing Director of the Cobble Van de Wiele Blackburn site.

Subsequent phases are already in progress and should be in place midway through 2017. They will give us increased capacity and a highly sophisticated heat treatment plant, allowing greater control of this critical part in the process.

“This is a great time for Cobble Van de Wiele,” said Sales Director Brent Knowles, “not only are we producing great products but thanks to recent exchange rate changes we are also very competitively priced.”