Cobble's Expanded Range of Locator Gauge Modules Boosts Manufacturer Choice

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Locator gauge part modules have proven their ability to improve productivity and quality across a wide array of tufted products, but manufacturers have always had limited choice when it comes to replacement parts. Now, Cobble Van de Wiele’s expanded range is set to change that.

Locator modules have made a huge difference to tufted product manufacturers, helping to make the process of tufting leaner by dramatically reducing downtime and simplifying the process of changing modules and changing sewing widths.

All locator modules work on a similar concept, but until now most tufting gauge part suppliers have adopted their own unique way of locating the module’s position on a precision manufactured backing bar. For tufted product producers, buying replacement modules from anyone other than the original manufacturer has been challenging.

But Cobble Van de Wiele’s broadened range of locator modules now includes locator systems that are interchangeable with systems developed by other tufting gauge part manufacturers. As a result, tufted product producers have a greater choice off suppliers when they come to purchase replacement locator gauge parts.

The new range doesn’t simply improve choice; it improves process efficiency too. Thanks to being cast in a ridged module, gauge parts can be accurately pre-set before they leave Cobble Van de Wiele. As a result, customers can very quickly and easily swap the existing module for the new one, without the need to set the gauge parts in the machine. It’s a process that brings machines back into production fast.

“It’s not a problem if a customer does not use a locator system,” says Paul Boardman, Aftersales Manager for Cobble Van de Wiele, “as we offer a complete turnkey solution to install new locator backing bars as well as locator gauge parts.”

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