Spare Parts and Conversion

Cobble Van De Wiele apply the knowledge of all elements in the tufting process to specify, develop and produce components to be utilised for the customer as either individual spare parts or collectively as a conversion. A list of spare parts can be supplied for Cobble machines on request to cater for the requirements of day to day running or general maintenance.

In many instances conversions are required by customers in order to react to changes in market demand/conditions utilising an existing machine. This could typically involve a simple change from one gauge to another, cut to loop pile application or alternatively, this could entail adding a new patterning attachment to an existing machine and would necessitate considerable drawing office time to specify changeover parts required. The larger and more complex conversions need to allow for substantial re-build time, both mechanically and electrically.

Depending on the type of conversion, competitors machines can also be catered for but this is looked at on a case by case basis.

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